Docket Page 25 – A Serial Killer’s Daughter by Kerri Rawson

CHARGE (What is the author trying to say?): To process and overcoming discovering that her father is the BTK Killer.

FACTS: Imagine growing up with a father who led two lives – one as a father, compliance officer, and a pastor’s assistant, and another killing ten people – including an elderly woman in his own neighborhood – all while working for a home security company, attending college, and even working in a office in the police department complex.

Kerri recalls a rather normal childhood with a father who loved his family but often struggled with anger control issues. His arrest caught the entire family by surprise. After he began confessing, Kerri believed that “my whole life was a lie – from before I was born.” How do you pick up the pieces from this kind of betrayal? It is eerie, in hindsight, how the author is able to link the murders with what was going on in their family at the time. How do you respond to the breakup of your family due to your father’s incarceration? Is it OK to love your father if he is a serial killer? Did loving her father mean she had forgiven him? Could she? Kerri relates how her Christian faith has helped her move on from this horrible trauma. After seeing her recent interview on 20/20 it was very interesting to read more details of this horrific situation.

VERDICT (Was the author successful?): Guilty, as charged. This was a remarkable reaction to unspeakable horror.

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