Docket Page 30 – Raising Faith:A True Story of Raising a Child Psychic-Medium by Claire Waters

CHARGE (What is the author trying to say?): “To detail one family’s discovery of their daughter’s spiritual gifts, their journey to understand about the spirit world and how to balance spiritual gifts with everyday parenting challenges.”

FACTS: As a Christian and a skeptic, I’m not really sure why I wanted to read this book. A woman in England recounts the activities of her daughter, Faith, who she believes to be a psychic-medium. She recounts how she came to learn of the spiritual “gifts” of her daughter and the types of encounters her daughter had with “spirit.” Though her daughter was only four years old at the time of this discovery, it does not seem distressing to the author. Her discussion of the existence of “spiritual churches” was rather concerning. Faith’s father remains a skeptic. Despite her belief in the “abilities” of both her children, the family has chosen to keep those abilities private as a means of protection. Her discussion of auras, chakras, and spiritual workshops was a bit far-fetched. Though billed as a book about her daughter Faith, the majority of the book is about the author’s dabbling with spiritual practices. Parts of the book dealing with Faith are written very poorly, cast as questions and answers. The book swings wildly between food choices, crystals, spiritual healing, and reincarnation, with no obvious organization. I did not find any value in reading this book.

VERDICT (Was the author successful?): Not guilty. I would not recommend this book.

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