Docket Page 33 – Mother Knows Best by Kira Peikoff

CHARGE (What is the author trying to say?): To explore the limits of genetic manipulation.

FACTS: Combine genetic manipulation and IVF. What could go wrong? Abby has two mothers – she was conceived from an egg composed of the nucleus of one mother’s egg and the mitochondria of another. She was conceived in secret until one man cracks and reports it to the authorities. Is Abby really a Frankenbaby? Does she know the story of her origin? This is a fascinating story of biology and relationships. How far can ethics be pushed? Do the means justify the end? This story is thoroughly believable and probably a situation that is not too far in the future.

VERDICT (Was the author successful?): Guilty, as charged. This is a book I could not put down.

#MotherKnowsBest #NetGalley

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