Docket Page 77 – Resitance Women – Jennifer Chiaverini

CHARGE: To show how women worked against the Nazi regime in Germany.

FACTS: This book chronicles the life of Mildred Fish Harnack, as she and her circle of friends attempt to silently wage battle against the Nazi regime in Germany. Using a variety of quiet resistance, this American woman tried to work with the German University system to enlighten her student enough to inoculate them against Nazi propaganda. The regime changes in Germany happened very quickly, in some ways reminiscent of current events: “She could not comprehend how Germany, a country of great philosophers, artists, and intellectual achievement could have succumbed to the poisonous allure of populism…Total totalitarianism had crept up on them steadily, menacingly, and then, with one swift lunge it had seized them around the throats.” Though the facts of this story are often brutal this is a very readable story of how Adolph Hitler got control of the German government, with disastrous results.

VERDICT: Guilty, as charged. Very difficult to read, but important to understand.

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